Business-class email, calendar and contacts on the web, PC and phone

It’s almost impossible for a business to operate today without using email. We have put together a mail and collaboration platform that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to work when and where you need to.

Secure and reliable

Your date and information will always be totally secure and protected when using Hosted Exchange.

  • Top of the line security systems are in place to protect all of your messages, whilst also keeping malware at bay.
  • Your data is saved with all data being continually backed up, and our security experts constantly monitoring the system.
  • Performance and reliability are assured courtesy of guaranteed up-time and a service level agreement that is financially backed.

Always Stay in Control

Stay in control of your environment as you host all of your data on our servers.

  • Save money by using our constantly updated software and business tools, all with administration, and all with simplified licensing and no upfront licensing costs.
  • Protect your mobile devices by being able to quickly remove confidential company data from lost phones.
  • Get around the clock phone support from our IT professionals.

Easy to maintain

Business-class email is essential for a company’s users to be productive, and that level can now easily be achieved and maintained.

  • No real time or effort in maintaining or servicing of your email system is necessary thanks to automatic patching.
  • All major devices and browsers can be used to quickly and securely access your information from anywhere.
  • Seamlessly integrate Outlook so that users can have an email experience that is familiar and easy to use.

Enterprise-grade security in our world-class datacenters

We use nationally redundant servers to run your email, all of which are secured using anti-spam and anti-malware filters. Messaging security experts manage those servers 24/7/365.

Email Filtering

Within your control panel, you can set up your email preferences as needed. McAfee Email Protection then removes any and all suspicious messages based on those settings.

  • Protection against email attack
  • Advanced spam blocking
  • Spam protection via McAfee Stacked Sender
  • Protection against fraud
  • Virus and worm scanning
  • Transport layer security
  • Attachment and content filtering
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Top level quarantine management

Spam Quarantine Report

There are a number of different ways in which suspicious or infected emails can be handled in the quarantine area, and you are in control of those decisions with E-Mail Defense.

The quarantine management process is set up in a way that allows your individual users to be able to examine each suspicious email in order to determine if it is indeed infected, or is one that can be opened without fear of infection.

Best of Breed

Our Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a powerful tool that is hosted, outsourced, fully managed, and backed by an SLA.

  • Make your business stronger
  • Reduce downtime
  • Continuous e-mail communications
  • Data and information is constantly backed up
  • Regularly updated to help prevent the latest malware and virus threats
  • Seamlessly handles millions of messages, whilst consistently blocking any and all threats

Mail protection

You decide how quarantined emails are handled within the quarantine area, thanks to the power of McAfee E-Mail Defense.

  • Digs deep into all content and attachments
  • Quickly manage multiple quarantine folders
  • As many as 5 comprehensive layers of filtering, including Email Attack, Spam filtering, Primary filters, Content filtering, and Virus and Worm filtering

Email whenever and wherever you like

The vast majority of smartphone users rely on their devices to access the same email account that they use on their desktop. The reality is, though, that mobile devices are now used more than PC’s and laptops to access email.

Blackberry™ Sync

Every employee, regardless of location, needs instant access to the most up-to-date information available to them.

  • Complete integration with Outlook/Exchange in true push mode
  • Emails, calendars, folders, and contacts can be synchronized wirelessly
  • State of the art encryption technology

iPhone™ Sync

Not every project is completed or worked on from 9 to 5. iPhone Sync keeps everyone in touch around the clock, every single day.

  • Synchronize in real time with ActiveSync
  • Emails, calendars, folders, and contacts can be synchronized wirelessly
  • State of the art encryption technology

WinMobile Sync

Not every project is completed or worked on from 9 to 5. iPhone Sync keeps everyone in touch around the clock, every single day.

  • Synchronize in real time with ActiveSync
  • Emails, calendars, folders, and contacts can be synchronized wirelessly
  • State of the art encryption technology

Retain total control of your services and security options

We deliver a control panel that allows you to completely manage and delegate every user in your organization. It’s a cost-effective and complete management solution.

Manage Access

Access and manage Hosted Exchange via a user-friendly web-based portal.

  • Administrate users by their roles
  • Policy provisioning and de-provisioning is fully automated
  • Manage distribution groups
  • Information or ethical walling capability

Manage Quotas

Hand over control to administrators and allow them to manage use of:

  • Disk space – Maximum amount of server disk space available to the mailbox.
  • Disk space threshold – Storage use alerts.
  • Mailbox type – Mailbox option templates.


Easy to use web-based portal makes self-service a snap for all users.

  • Manage contacts
  • Manage mailbox delegation
  • Manage distribution groups
  • Manage password resets
  • Easy to follow configuration wizards for Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mobile Devices

Never worry about compliance again

If you have issues with the cost of storing and managing emails, McAfee Email Archiving can help. Cost-effective and compliant with e-discovery regulations.

Archiving Transparency

All of your storage management, and retrieval needs in one powerful tool. The service is easy to use, is fully integrated, and does the following:

  • All messages are securely stored for future review and e-discovery
  • The ability to quickly and easily search the archives negates the need for IT assistance
  • The perfect replacement for expensive, unwieldy tape backups
  • No additional hardware or software purchases required

Ensure compliance

Document compliance just got a whole lot easier. Achieve peace of mind in knowing that all compliance and regulatory retention requirements are fully adhered to.

  • Quickly access stored messages in response to any and all e-discovery requests
  • Search criteria can be as simple or advanced as you want. Access thousands of messages by searching via content, user, date range, metadata, and attachment content
  • Save all your search criteria for future use, further saving time

Tamper-proof storage

Messages and metadata will always remain in their original state thanks to the use of read-only storage.

  • Stored messages are automatically compared to the original and verified for quality
  • Users must double commit before an email is deleted without an accurate copy being made and verified
  • Each message receives a unique numeric identifier for auditable message serialization, thus assuring tampering or unauthorized deletion

Powerful options

The value in our Hosted Exchange offering comes in the benefits that it delivers. Productivity is quickly increased as greater numbers of communications are more easily handled via multiple devices. Users can then work more effectively as a team.

Email Branding

An office of 50 employees will generate roughly 1,700 emails on a daily basis. That all adds up to a rather large marketing audience.

  • Transform your everyday business email platform into a bustling sales channel
  • Send qualified customers to your website, and boost sales
  • Increase lead generation
  • Promote all your products and services visually
  • Stand out in your industry
  • Give each and every one of your emails a professional look and tone
  • Use your everyday business email to drive clients to your website

Email Migration

Our tools are award-winning, and for good reason. They ensure seamless email migration in each of the 3 following phases:

  • Planning – We will assign an experienced CommerceQuest South Africa (Pty) Ltd professional to you in order to help you put together a Hosted Exchange template and migration schedule.
  • Pre-migration – The migration team will ensure that all emails are redirected to your existing server until you are ready to complete the migration.
  • Migration – We will lead you every step of the way until you have migrated your exiting email set-up over to Hosted Exchange.


Make it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information.

  • Document control – using a central library for document change management with comprehensive version control.
  • Searchable document store – documents are automatically indexed, giving users a powerful and fast document search capability.
  • Drive SharePoint Adoption by integrating SharePoint directly into Outlook with
  • Get the most out of SharePoint with Show-Me-for-SharePoint, our unique on demand web training solution.

Hosted Exchange benefits for your business

With our Hosted Exchange, you get an option that puts you in total control of your needs, with the ability to customize while ensuring that your communications are always available.

Be More Productive

Collaboration and teamwork are the keys to productivity. Without both of those elements, you will always be chasing the competition. Be an industry leader, not a follower.

Assign tasks and events

Employees can move beyond sending e-mails as reminders to the efficiency of directly assigning tasks and deadlines to co-workers.

Security and protection

Protection and security are always assured with features such as disaster recovery, backups, anti-spam, and message archiving.

Peace of mind

Businesses are often placed in position where they are lacking expertise or the ability to sacrifice a top employee to maintain and manage their messaging system.

Lower operational costs

There are no hidden costs anywhere within the Hosted Exchange business-class messaging solution.

Share contacts, folders and calendars

Co-workers can quickly and easily share common information through Hosted Exchange so that everyone has access everything they need to be productive.

Guaranteed Uptime

Businesses no longer operate on a strict 9 to 5 basis. Hosted Exchange is available 24/7/365, allowing employees to work on projects whenever they need to.

Around the Clock Support and Maintenance

You never have to worry about issues with the technology because our professional engineers are always on the job.

Full administrative control

User-friendly administrative consoles make it easy for you to manage your Hosted Exchange platform, even if you are not technically savvy.

TYPICAL USERMessaging for deskless workersMulti-device messaging & collaboration tools for workers who don’t need an Outlook License
Premium Email Defense Filtering
Business ContinuityAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Deleted Item Retention24 hours7 days
BlackBerry Enterprise SyncOptional
iPhone Sync
Windows Mobile ActiveSync
Supported ProtocolsPOP3, IMAP4, SMTPPOP3, IMAP4, SMTP, MAPI
Email BrandingAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Intelligent RoutingAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
SharePoint Foundation LicenseIncludedIncluded
SharePoint SpaceAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Tasks and RulesPersonalShared
Email Compliance ArchivingAdditional ChargeUp to 10 yearsAdditional ChargeUp to 10 years
Electronic DiscoveryAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge