What is RecoveryVault Express?

Data is arguably your most important business asset. Small and medium sized businesses in need of backup solutions should look at the managed Cloud Backup option delivered by RecoveryVault Express. Data, databases, and documents can all be seamlessly moved from laptops, PC’s, and servers up into the cloud.

The Challenges of Backing Up

RecoveryVault Express has been designed to be more efficient than other hosted backup architecture by giving you fewer assets to manage and maintain.
Backing up data is not as easy as it may appear, and many IT professionals will actually go out of their way to avoid performing the task, often because they lack the skill or knowledge to do so.

Safe & secure

Peace of mind is the name of the game with RecoveryVault Express. Data is always safely and securely stored, but that’s not all. Our automatic online backup solution makes it easy to recover from data to disk in a quick and reliable fashion, even in the wake of a major system failure or catastrophe.

Target market

RecoveryVault Express is a backup solution that is loaded with features. SME businesses with up to 50 workstations and 5 servers are who will benefit most from this offering.
This solution has the ability to scale to several terabytes of backup data, but companies with more than 500GB are recommended to move up to RecoveryVault instead of the Express solution.

How RecoveryVault Express can benefit your business

Below are some of the primary Features and Benefits relating to RecoveryVault Express:

IT overheads down

Taking pressure off the customers IT department, and saving money on outsourced technicians as well as reduce the reliance on manual backups.

Easy scalable upgrade path

RecoveryVault Express is ideal for SMEs but allows for a simple upgrade path to more functionality aimed at corporates and customers wanting compliance.


Customers are able to self-provision accounts through the control panel as per the bundle purchased.

Pay as you grow

Pay for the software you are using without upfront costs. RecoveryVault Express offers a true pay-as-you-go model that allows you maximum flexibility and transparency.

Suitable for most operating systems

RecoveryVault Express supports all popular operating systems (Windows, MAC, MS Exchange Servers, MS SQL Servers, MySQL databases).


There is a portal for end-users that enable them to access to their stored data. Once backed up, a file can be approached from anywhere in the world – via a web browser.