Get Even more done with Hosted Exchange

No two businesses need the exact same email plan, which is why we go out of our way to deliver multiple options, and they include:

Hosted Exchange for Small Business

Keep Your Financial Outlay To A Minimum
Rich enterprise-grade email is a must for small businesses nowadays, which generally means migrating their current email from POP/SMTP servers up into the cloud.
The reason why so many have not made the move is because they fear that the cost of doing so will be prohibitive. What they may not understand is that they can get the exact mail set-up that they need for their business, which means streamlining certain Enterprise services.
Hosted Exchange for Small Business does just that, both locally, and in the cloud. This is a service designed to meet the budgetary constraints of smaller businesses.

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Hosted Exchange for Midsize – Enterprise

Managed Cloud Email solution
Nowadays, customers most commonly contact the businesses they deal with via email. Every business has an email account of one kind or another, but it’s often the features that are available in those email services that separates one business from its competitors.

Hosted Exchange is a powerful, feature-rich, fully-managed version of Microsoft Hosted Exchange. The service is hosted within dual datacentres and dial ISP’s.

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