Point to Point File transfer system for connectivity to SARS, Banks and other trading partners.

AgileFile brings a cost effective, fully managed file transfer solution, for connections to SARS, Major Banks, Retailers and other trading partners. Based on IBM Connect:Direct technology, and is the preferred technology for secure file transfers – Especially SARS. AgileFile, provides a single connection per instance rented.

Designed for small and mid-sized companies

AgileFile has been designed to provide small and mid-sized companies in SA, with the ability to use IBM software (Connect:Direct) at an affordable cost and on a monthly (OPEX) model, so there is no need for a large capital outlay in software licenses and related technical services.

Managed Service

AgileFile is a Managed Service, paid on a monthly service fee basis, (or paid annually in advance if preferred.) There are 5 x contracts available, 12 months (1 Year) to 60 months (5 Years).

The AgileFile service includes

  • Rental of Licensed Software
  • Installation of the AgileFile program on your server
  • Configuration
  • Management,
  • Maintenance – Latest version and fix Packs
  • Remote technical Support and assistance
  • Weekly monitoring (via remote VPN connection)


AgileFile, provides a single connection for secure file transfer to the SA Revenue Services (SARS).

Designed to take away the administration headaches for clients

AgileFile is an ‘under the covers’ installation, configuration and management solution utilizing Connect:Direct with a simple front end that ensures a company can transfer files to and from a single connected partner.

AgileFile is a solution which has a fully automated installation, configuration, key management system and monitoring capabilities built in. AgileFile reduces the amount of effort and time required for single connection interfaces and also reduces the User training component necessary to enable companies to send and receive files with their trading partner.

The AgileFile built in Services component is administered remotely, totally removing the need to have technical resources onsite. The customer interface is intuitive, simple to use and requires little or no training to be up and running in a very short time period.

AgileFile is used to transfer files to SARS, files include

  • 3rd Party Data submissions (IT3 [b, c, e, s]
  • Submission of Returns on Investment
  • Interest Income
  • Medical Scheme
  • Insurance and Foreign Account Tax Compliance
  • Company Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201)
  • Employer Reconciliation Declarations (EMP501, EMP601 and/or EMP701)
  • VAT submissions and many more.