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AgileCloud’s second instalment of the three-part series, designed by AgileCloud team, is aimed at assisting your company, by empowering your IT staff to start achieving tangible business outcomes that keep you ahead of your competition. (Part 1 can be found here)

The achievement of enabling your IT resources to dedicate their time to your core business can be realised through the adoption of the AgileCloud Managed Care service offerings.

Its Managed Care service offering requires NO overhaul of existing infrastructure as the solution is a fully managed cloud-based service that provides remote monitoring, management and support of your existing workstations and laptops.

What is included in the Managed Care package, (you might ask)?

The simple answer is: “Everything” – AgileCloud’s Managed Care covers everything that is required to ensure the smooth running, maintenance and protection of your IT environment. This includes anti-virus, patch management, help desk ticketing, telephonic support, systems monitoring and remediation and so much more. Rent to own with wholesale pricing on equipment is available. As an added benefit, it will also cover installation and set-up fees, making the transition quick, seamless and cost-effective.

The team of highly skilled Managed Care engineers have extensive experience and knowledge across a diverse range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux and iOS – so irrespective of the operating systems your staff are used to, our Managed Care offering will cover them all.

The Managed Care certified technicians at AgileCloud’s disposal will proactively maintain your systems and actively resolve any issues before they could affect your business. Its service delivery team is essentially an extension of your team, with local presence and 24/7/365 support.

Understanding that the time of your IT resources is valuable, self-managing an IT environment generally means juggling multiple vendors and multiple contracts, which adds to the complexity and often the costs, as everyone involved usually takes a margin as well as consumes a large amount of time from those same IT resources.

AgileCloud service offerings are all supported by a financially-backed SLA and our Managed Care solution is no exception to that.

Chat to AgileCloud about how, together, it can empower your IT staff to start achieving tangible business outcomes that keep you ahead of your competition.

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