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This is the second installment about where the cloud migration journey would typically begin for each and every business – Hosted Exchange. The first article can be found here – (Cloud Migration – Where does it all begin..?). In Part 2 we will address the most common concerns and questions raised about the process of migrating to the Cloud.

First and foremost; the most common question asked when companies are looking at moving their Exchange environment into the Cloud is:

Why wouldn’t I just get Office 365 directly from Microsoft?

The simple answer is and has always been: You absolutely could but Office 365 is hosted in Ireland and therefore if your company would not be affected by bandwidth costs, performance constraints, feature limitations, exchange rate risk and international law, you might just be very satisfied with Office 365.
On the other hand, with our Hosted Exchange offering, you can enjoy the same enterprise-functionality, at a price you can afford, without any of the points raised above.

Another very common question is:

Why wouldn’t I just get Exchange directly from Microsoft and manage it myself?

Again, you absolutely could, however, for a small to medium sized business, the cost of running an Exchange server in-house can be expensive and often companies underestimate the level of the skills needed to maintain the server. With our Hosted Exchange offering, you can enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT used by large companies, at a price you can afford.

Thirdly and possibly the most reasonable of concerns raised, are 2 sided:

1 – I’ve already invested heavily into hardware, I can’t afford for that investment to go to waste.

This is understandable – all hosted solutions should complement your existing infrastructure, giving you the option to move your less mission-critical services to the Cloud first (in most cases this begins with your email). We call this a ‘hybrid’ model, in which you keep some services on-premises, and migrate others as and when your hardware needs replacing or comes to “end of life”.

2 – I already have a license with Microsoft… so where to from here?

Through Microsoft’s License Mobility for Enterprise Agreements, you are allowed to move to a Hosted Provider at no additional cost to you. We handle all the legal and admin requirements to ensure this transition happens smoothly.
The last point we’ll be covering in this installment of Cloud Migration, addresses the following:

3 – What guarantee do I have that my data will always be accessible and fast?

Our AgileCloud service offering, operates out of dual, locally hosted Data Centres with multiple links so you don’t have to worry about network latency, which could be an issue if your data is hosted overseas. We guarantee 99.5% uptime, supported by a financially-backed SLA.

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