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Our third and final installment about where the Cloud migration journey would typically begin for each and every business. The previous articles (Cloud Migration – Where does it all begin..?  &  Cloud Migration – Taking the leap..?), covered some of the conversational topics covered when Cloud Migration becomes a serious thought. In this article we will offer you assurances and provide you with the answer to: Where do I sign up..? – The only answer = AgileCloud

Will migration be a daunting process..?

Not at all. We migrate all your e-mails and documents to our dual Data Centres so you can access them immediately within Exchange. The team of Hosted Exchange Engineers and experts ensure that the correct migration plan is put in place and tailored specifically for you.

Support or Self-service… do I have a choice..?

With the AgileCloud Hosted Exchange offering, you still have full control over all the important things, like distribution lists, manage user details, email aliases and more. If your IT department run into any difficulties, we have engineers on standby via an online chat facility, which provides immediate assistance, to resolve any issues and ensures your productivity is always optimal.

What about data governance laws, and how secure is my data..?

We take this as seriously as you do. Our AgileCloud solutions are ISO and ITIL Certified, which means our systems and solutions meet international best practice requirements, as well as the fact that our solutions are bound by the same data governance laws as any other business in South Africa.

I have a corporate image to uphold – How would I ensure signature consistency..?

No words could be truer: Nothing portrays professionalism quite like consistency. Our Signature Manager, allows you to create Signature templates that can be applied to all email addresses in your business. Should you need different signatures for different departments, you can create rules based on users’ Active Directory attributes – these can even be designed for you. Irrespective of the slight departmental differences your branding will be consistent – whether those mails are sent from a PC or mobile device.

What if an important mail is deleted – intentionally or accidentally..?

Our AgileCloud Hosted Exchange offering, will meet your compliance requirements for information retention. Whether this happens by accident or intentionally, and it does happen – our archiving service, enables you to restore any e-mail at any time, whether you realize that an email is missing today, tomorrow or even in five years down the line. E-mails often contain business-critical information, so when required to produce certain information, you can easily search for whatever you need, either through Outlook or through a secure web interface.

AgileCloud means: No more wasting your IT department’s time!

Your business needs to be agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions, but you can’t do that if valuable IT resources are being consumed by mundane tasks like ensuring that you can receive mail… E-mail should always work! Hosting makes sense in the current fast-paced business environment.

Chat to us about how we can activate your cloud journey and free up your time to focus on the things that really matter.
“AgileCloud – your silver lining is our way”