Categories: Backup and Disaster Recovery.

When a disaster occurs or infrastructure fails, often it is not just data that needs restoring, but the full working environment. Naturally the eternal optimist will raise the age-old “possibility vs. probability” analogy as their comforter. However according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses never recover after experiencing a major disaster, resulting in catastrophic financial losses and ultimately business closure.

Backup and disaster recovery are not directly interchangeable terms; but disaster recovery is not possible without a backup in the first instance. Disaster recovery is having the tested wherewithal to get systems restored and running as quickly as possible, including access to the associated data with the least amount of downtime and interruption to your internal staff and customers.

Whether you use the cloud or dedicated servers, technology can sometimes fail. Therefore, it is important to understand how your business would respond and recover when an undesired event occurs.

At AgileCloud, we will work with you to build a disaster recovery plan for your organisation, beginning with a LAN Discovery (a unique tool to analyse your entire set of applications and data types on your LAN), ensuring that all mission critical servers are being backed up without data loss.

AgileCloud’s VDR provides a number of options:
First, data can be easily backed-up using RecoveryVault, powered by Asigra, which supports over 80 different platforms. RecoveryVault will back up an image of a given virtual machine (VM) or local server, including application software, local data, settings and memory.
Second, there is no need for a physical server rebuild; the VM is pre-restored in the datacentre. This means that most of the costs of redundant infrastructure disappears.

VDR will eliminate the need to replicate your production system infrastructure to a secondary datacentre.

VDR enables business continuity and will help maintain employee productivity and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Using AgileClouds’ VDR offering in the cloud for backups and disaster recovery, allows organisations to reduce costs, both from a capex and opex perspective and get up and running in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

With virtual machines replicated off-site, system downtime (and its resulting impact on productivity) can be reduced to, mere minutes.

Chat to us, we have at our disposal, the expertise, technologies and services to help build, implement and maintain a full VDR environment for your organization.