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Introducing AgileFile using Connect:Direct for submissions to SARS.

This is the first article designed by the team at AgileCloud that will provide you with a simple, effective and cost-effective way to submit your company’s submissions to SARS using the new AgileFile.

As many of you know, SARS introduced an additional interface for the submission and transfer of third party data files using IBM Connect:Direct, to provide a secure solution for point-to-point file transfers. IBM Connect:Direct is the file transfer standard used primarily among the banking community and larger organisations specifically for the secure transfer of large files. This platform provides faster feedback on file submissions. At a time when information security is constantly under threat, it is vital to provide a channel for secure point-to-point file transfers. IBM Connect:Direct provides a near real-time solution for reliable, secure file transfer.

It has been optimised for high-volume, assured data delivery of files within and between entities and allows organisations to automate the data exchange between mission-critical applications regardless of platform. IBM Connect:Direct further eliminates the need for manual intervention in data delivery, improving productivity and the reliability of business processes. It allows the transfer of high volumes and large files, with no limits on file sizes, and is reliable at all times. It provides built-in automation and checkpoint restart to ensure delivery.

However, many small to medium-sized companies find the purchase of the IBM software licence to be too costly, so AglieCloud has created a solution called AgileFile, which uses IBM Connect:Direct as the core of the system, now available at a fraction of the cost!

AgileFile provides a single secure connection for your submissions to SARS, and for secure file transfers to the major SA banks plus various government institutions, for example, the Department of Home Affairs.

AgileFile is a fully managed service from AgileCloud, paid on a monthly basis (opex). There are five contracts available: from 12 months to 60 months. The service includes the Connect:Direct software licence fee, installation of AgileFile on your server, configuration, management by the AgileCloud team, maintenance checks, remote assistance and weekly monitoring via remote VPN connection. The monthly fee is from as low as R1 700 per month – AgileCloud’s special launch offer!

If your company is looking for an easy and cost-effective way, with monthly payments – why not phone AgileCloud and ask for a quote for AgileFile today?